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           What to Expect

At True Light Worship Center you will be welcomed - Walking into a new church, or new denomination can be an intimidating experience.  However, everyone is welcome to worship with us at True Light Worship Center.  To make things a bit easier for you, we offer this brief introduction of what newcomers might expect.  If you have questions before or during service, feel free to ask the ushers or the greeters at the back of the church.

The Power of Worship - True Light Worship Center services are empowering.  As you enter the sanctuary, you’ll be welcomed and informed of the order of service by a greeter and seated by an usher.  The usher will also give you a tithe and offering envelope along with a Bible, if one is needed. It is our custom to stand to sing praises to God, prayers are said standing; and we stand for the reading of God’s Word, and sitting or standing is optional during the teaching of God’s Word. 

Services - The main service at True Light Worship Center is the 8:00 AM service on Sunday morning.  There is organ music, keyboard, guitar, and drums accompanied by a praise leader, and a choir.  After the service snacks, food, and drinks, are available to visitors and new converts.

Coming and Going - When you visit True Light Worship Center, you will be a respected and welcomed guest.  We will acknowledge your presence during service by asking you to stand, and thanking you for blessing us with your presence.  You will simply be a part of our family as we worship God.

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