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Proverbs 24:16

Yes you were at war with the enemy daily. It’s not by coincidence though. Do you not know that you were CHOSEN TO BEAR FRUIT? There is a calling on your life. You have an anointing on your life. You have a kingdom assignment to fulfill. You were born to bring life to others.

The enemy attacked you because you are a threat to him. The devil’s job is to come to steal, kill and destroy a person’s joy. He doesn’t want you but he wants what is on the inside of you. He wants the anointing that is on your life. Your anointing isn’t for you; it is for your assignment.

I know you’ve been casted in the fire. I know you have gone through some rough times, trials and tribulations. I know that you have been knocked down so many times but you never stayed down. You got back up again. Reflect back on my word!

“For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again”
(Proverbs 24:16)

-Tamara Washington

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