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Do you wonder why I always allow people to come to you yet you never seemed to fit in?

I couldn’t let you fit in with the crowd because I needed you to save them.

How can you speak to them if you are with them.
I needed you separated from them.

You were born to bring life to others.
I need you to speak of the revelation of Jesus; tell how there is no other.

Everybody was coming to get something from you.
But I needed to see if you will still trust me despite what you were going through.

I needed you to be a witness to others and let them know you understand.

Let them know you’ve been there before you’ve experienced the same pain.

It’s one thing to speak on something that never happened to you.
But it’s a Greater Testimony when the exact circumstances you’ve experienced too.

Ive already equipped you for your kingdom assignment.
Everything that you went through was in total alignment.

In alignment with what I planned...
How can you go to battle if you were never trained.

Tamara S. Washington


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