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Be Still - Psalms 46:10

Have you ever wondered that maybe the war wasn’t intended for you to fight? Maybe all you needed to do was show up and watch God work it out on your behalf.

Who ever said this road would be easy? Who ever said you would travel the short way? Who ever said there wouldn’t be trials,tribulations, and warfare?

Do you not know that I am a jealous God? Time out for cutting me short! I needed you to realize that it was I GOD and I alone who was your REFUGE. I needed to make you. I couldn’t allow you to think it was anything that you were doing. I wanted to get the glory. I had to humble you. I had to break you. I had to get you to the point where you realized that no matter what you did; no matter what you tried it wouldn’t come to past unless I was in the midst of it. Reflect back on my word!

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalms 46:10)

-Tamara Washington

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